Affordable Hail Damage Repair

At Dave’s Auto Body we can provide quality, affordable and reliable hail damage repair fast.  Hail has the potential to completely derail a fleet-based business, car dealership and make the family car unusable which will bring your day to a standstill.  We are proud to offer comprehensive hail damage repair services to get your car back to pristine condition after the devastating damage hail can produce.

 Handling Your Insurance Claim

If you have experienced hail or storm damage in a recent storm please be sure to first contact your insurance carrier and start the claim process before contacting the body shop.  Some insurance carriers are setting up CAT or Catastrophe claims centers to first inspect damaged vehicles.  If your carrier has set up a CAT site we are required to start repairs based off of their estimate.  If your carrier requires you to have the shop first inspect the vehicle contact us and set up an appointment for an estimate.  If you have any questions regarding how to process your claim please call or email us we will be happy to assist you.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hail Damage Fixed

Getting your car’s hail damage repaired is something you may consider not doing.  If the hail has broken or fractured the paint on your car in any way, eventually the paint will start to flake off, leaving the car panels highly susceptible to rust.  Don’t forget, if the vehicle gets caught in another hail storm and suffers any damage, it might be difficult to get your insurance company to pay for the repair again.  Protecting your car’s paint job and keeping rust from developing are reasons to consider for making sure the repairs are done properly.

Contact Us Today

When your car body suffers dents and dings caused by falling ice, give the hail damage repair experts at Dave’s Auto Body a call at (402) 671-0646 or Contact Us Online. We’ve been in the auto body and collision repair business for years and we’ve seen the worst of the Omaha weather. Our experience give us the expertise needed to get your car back in top form.