Quality Aluminum Body Repair

416Many auto manufacturers are switching from traditional steel bodies to aluminum. The new Ford F-150 is a shining example of how an aluminum body can be durable and sturdy. The Ford F150 is America’s best-selling vehicle. Ford claims to sell approximately 700,000 of these sturdy trucks each year. Ford dedicated  decades of research and development into making this a best seller.  In 2016 Ford combined high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy with high-strength steel to create a lean and light aluminum vehicle that’s very capable.  With Ford leading the way in developing quality aluminum auto bodies other manufacturers are following suit.  This huge increase in aluminum use in cars and trucks translates into an increased demand for qualified aluminum collision repair options.

The Right Tools for Aluminum Repair

Because it doesn’t react like steel, aluminum repair is highly specialized and requires thorough training.  Aluminum doesn’t keep its shape like steel and this complicates the aluminum repair process.  When aluminum is dented or bent, it takes a different technique to return its desired shape.  Am aluminum repair needs a technician who understands how to reshape an aluminum panel without damaging it beyond repair, as well as aluminum-specific tools like an aluminum dent pulling station.

All of our repair technicians have been certified by I-Car aluminum repair, and are well-qualified to perform the work. Our techs take the kind of care you’ve come to expect from Dave’s to avoid any cross-contamination.

If you have damaged your car or truck and need aluminum repair, contact the Dave’s Auto Body specialists at (402) 671-0646 today.