Diagnostic Test for Collision Repair


Our collision repair shop in Omaha contains the latest diagnostic test equipment for all your unfortunate collision repair needs. Diagnostic tests are conducted to ensure we choose the safest and most efficient collision repair to ensure a vehicle operates properly. On more recent vehicles, we can utilize an on-board diagnostic test computer interface with additional diagnostic tools and software to help our collision repair technicians correctly identify problems.  If your car has been in an accident or suffered storm damage,  Daves Auto Body technicians will conduct a diagnostic test to determine the cost efficient and best options for collision repair.

A Diagnostic Test for Collision Repair – Saves Time and Money

Trial and error can be an effective testing method. However, it is a time-consuming testing method. Our diagnostic test equipment, simply determines what repair your vehicle needs.  Our skilled technicians can quickly get started on your collision repair.  As a resukt you back on the road faster.  A diagnostic test is carried out with a scan by inserting a plug into a connector supplied at manufacture.  The vehicle model and other information is supplied to our software.  An error code is also provided which references a particular problem.  This diagnostic test information is what our collision repair technicians use to ensure the best repair for your vehicle.

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