Expert Hail Damage Repair in Omaha

Close up on damaged car because of hail

The Midwest is no stranger to violent storms that can bring heavy rain, strong winds, and hail. Even those of us who love to watch thunderstorms safely from indoors know that those same storms can wreak havoc on our vehicles. At Dave’s Auto Body, we are proud to offer comprehensive hail damage repair services to get your car back to pristine condition after damage from storms.

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Hail Repair photoWhen your car body suffers dents and dings caused by falling ice, give the hail damage repair experts at Dave’s Auto Body a call at (402) 671-0646. We’ve been in the auto body and collision repair business for decades, and we’ve seen the worst Omaha’s weather can bring. Our years of experience give us the expertise needed to provide hail damage repair for even the worst hail damage.