David Shumacher

David Schumacher

The Dave, in Dave's Autobody

DavesAutobody-DaveThe original “Dave”.

Dave passed away in 2020, but his legacy lives on.  In his later years Dave still enjoyed coming to the shop to just sit and observe.  He would be proud of the work his employees are putting in every day to ensure great work, and even better customer service.

: Since 1974

Mark Schumacher


DavesAutobody-DetailedInspectionI am a second generation owner and I really enjoy working with our customers.  I’m proud of our excellent group of employees whose goal is to provide high quality repairs and outstanding, honest customer service.

: With Dave's Since 1983

Steve Schumacher


Upon graduation I went into restaurant management, but a short 5 months later Omaha was hit with a major hailstorm.  My dad needed help and swayed me to come and work for him.  I have enjoyed working in all phases, starting out in the detail department then as a painter for 12 years and now in Production Management.

: With Dave's Since 1991

Doug Schumacher


I was born and raised in Omaha. I attended St. James, then Roncalli, and after that UNO. I enjoy helping our customers through a stressful time and am proud to be a part of a company that has been repairing Omaha’s vehicles for over 40 years!

: With Dave's Since 1995

Dave Muckey

Production Manager

After meeting Mark, Doug, and Steve in high school  we became friends.  After working with them we became family. Just like everyone who works for Dave’s Auto Body Co. It’s a pleasure to work with friends because it doesn’t feel like work.

: With Dave’s Since 1997

Terri Bachmann


: With Dave’s Since 2003

Tom Green


: With Dave's Since 2003

Lyle Georgeson


: With Dave's Since 2008

PJ Harding


: With Dave's since 2021

Derek Kuch


: With Dave's Since 2007

Kelly Bosn

Front Office